Best Wood for Smoking Fish

Smoked fish dishes.

Smoking fish is not a modern or new way of cooking fish, for humans have been smoking fish since ancient times. Early humans, however, used to smoke fish to preserve it. Yet, at present, there’s no need to preserve fish via the smoking process; for now, it is easier to preserve fish by refrigeration. Modern … Read more

Best Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grilling

Different models of wireless thermometers for meat BBQ.

Whether you’re a budding grill expert, a die-hard barbecue fan, or want to improve your meat cooking preparation capability, or anything in between, this is for you! Grill thermometers are essential, no matter what you’re grilling, so make sure you’ve got one on hand. Making such temperatures adjustments is straightforward with a precise cordless meat … Read more

How Long Is Barbecue Sauce Good For?

Maintaining the freshness of BBQ sauce.

The expiration date of barbecue sauce is between one and two years. Furthermore, since most of its components are either long-lasting or include natural preservatives, it frequently keeps its freshness far beyond the expiration date on the label. Remember that the best-by dates on BBQ sauce are not the use-by date but rather the best-by … Read more

Best Wood for Smoking Turkey 

Choosing correct wood flavor for smoking turkey.

You can’t go wrong with smoking a whole turkey! Moreover, although most people associate smoked turkey with holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, the reality is that a tastefully smoked bird such turkey may be enjoyed and served any time of the year. Finding the suitable sort of wood chips to go with that huge … Read more

Guide on Cooking Fish on a Griddle 

Chef cooks fish on a commercial griddle set.

Nobody can deny that fish is a mouth-watering pleasure. Indeed, nothing like a hearty meal of fish and chips to brighten any day. Along with being tasty, fish is also very healthful due to its high protein content. Additionally, fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to improve the condition of … Read more

Smoking Brisket in Electric Smoker 

Smoke beef brisket using electric pellet smoker.

If you’re looking for the best smoked meats, there’s nothing quite like good smoky beef brisket. It’s the best of the best! Brisket that has been smoke-rubbed with many different spices is delicious since it’s smoked for hours until it’s flavorsome, tender, juicy, and cooked perfectly. It’s cooked precisely the same way as it is … Read more

How Many Pounds of Pulled Pork Per Person?

Allocate and calculate the size of pulled pork that need to be served in the bbq party.

Several home cooks are put off by the prospect of preparing pulled pork for a large group because they believe it will be too much preparation to determine the exact amount of servings to be served. It takes a little more attention than hamburgers and hot dogs, but a quick calculation may remove the need … Read more

Wrought Iron Campfire Cooking Equipment 

Wrought iron cookware that commonly used on the campfire or outdoor camping.

Cooking over a campfire is a rewarding experience for everyone who enjoys the great outdoors. A seasoned camper understands that the most enjoyable part of camping is preparing wonderful meals over an open campfire. Having the exactly right camping culinary equipment is essential to prepare a delicious camp cooking dinner. While preparing delicious camp cooking … Read more

How to Use a Grill Pan on Stove Top

Cooking with grill pan on the gas stove top.

It is enjoyable to barbecue outside, but it is best to forgo this activity when there is insufficient space. Fortunately, there are grill pans that you may use to enjoy a great barbecue experience without having to set up a permanent outside grilling area. For those times whenever the weather is terrible, or you’re too … Read more

Guide on Seasoning Cast Iron Stove Top 

A clean and well-maintained cast iron stove top after seasoning.

Cast iron stovetop or pan seasoning can be challenging to do in a day, and many people choose to avoid it altogether rather than deal with it. Cookware maintenance does not have to be difficult, which is a bummer because it does not have to be. You may easily and quickly season cast iron pans … Read more