About Us

Hi, Welcome to GrillHow.Com.

My name is David Tucker.

I’m a big fan of BBQ and grilling since I was a teenager. I used to grill and barbecuing in my backyard every weekend. And I always was the “Chef” who handles all the grilling, smoking, and barbecuing dishes every time my friends held a party.

Gradually, I have built up the skills of grilling and barbecuing through the countless experiments of different kinds of recipes, meats, ingredients, and woods. Every little detail will make or break the taste.

Thus, I would like to share my experiences on barbecuing and grilling here. You will learn how to prepare the ingredients and meats, choosing the right woods for the desired favor, build fire and monitor its temperature, and the most important part, learning how to use different types of grills and smokers.

Owen Lee

Hi, I’m Owen Lee, also one of the co-founders for Grillhow.Com. Innovating new flavors and tastes of bbq sauces is always my primary expertise in grilling. Furthermore, I’m very experienced in Asian, especially Thai and Korean bbq cookings.

I love to try different methods of grilling and bbq derived from different cultures. Sometimes, I add and do some experiments on some of my creative ideas on mixing other ingredients and cooking styles from different cultures.

Let’s have some fun grilling.

Happy Grilling…