Are Electric Grills Any Good?

Use electric grill on to cook steak.

A friend of mine called in the other day asking me whether she should shift now to the use of an electric grill. Well, I told her that it depends on how she views grilling. If she is a grilling enthusiast, which, I think she is, she will miss the old-world style of grilling that involves real smoke and flame. None of these two are present in the use of an electric grill. Moreover, the use of an electric grill is like grilling sans the soul of the conventional grills. If she is a connoisseur, she would surely miss the charcoal aroma and the smoky flavor of traditional grilled food.

Whether you would believe it or not, electric grills had come a long way since their invention in 1993. Robert Johnson and Michael Boehm filed a patent application for a device that they called Short-Order Grill. At present, you can expect the modern electric grill to do a decent job in grilling up your meal. But if you would put side by side the charcoal or gas grills with the electric grill, the two would surely win over the electric grills when it comes to sheer power. Moreover, the electric grills can’t provide that authentic smoky flavor and aroma that you can get from charcoal grills.

What Do Griller Enthusiasts Say About the Use of Electric Grill?

If you look at the views of most grilling enthusiasts on the use of electric grills, you will find that they had divided opinions on electric grills. Some would say that they are worth using, while others say they don’t like it. Yet, if you live in a cramped space where a lavish traditional grill is off limit, you will indeed find the electric grill handy. 

Even if you can’t get the characteristic aroma and taste afforded by the conventional grilling equipment, you will undoubtedly get the grilling process done using the electric grill. Moreover, nowadays, you can find electric grills that come with a smoker box. With the use of this smoker box, you can imbue your meat with a smoky flavor.

What Do Griller Enthusiasts Say Against the Electric Grill’s Use?

Some people argue against the use of electric grills. They would even contend that electric grills are not worth buying. These people, of course, are loyal to the old style of grilling that makes use of smoke and real flame when grilling. They argue that these two elements that make grilling exciting are not present in electric grills. 

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To them, the electric grills are simply a grill pan. It lacks the soul of the traditional grills. Thus, they maintain that the electric grills can never impart that charcoal aroma and smoky flavor that we all enjoy with the traditional grilling devices. Besides, these people would even say that the idea of an electric grill contradicts the essence of outdoor grilling.

Assessing the arguments of those who like and don’t like the electric grill’s use, it is obvious that its use comes with its pros and cons. Below is a rundown of these pros and cons:

Advantages of Using Electric Grill

It is easy to use

One excellent advantage of the use of electric grills is their ease of use. The use of an electric grill is undoubtedly easy. You can set it up easily and use it in various settings as long as there is a nearby electrical outlet.

Easy to Clean

The electric grill doesn’t require charcoal, and thus, you will not end up with dirty ashes afterward that require elaborate cleaning. 

Fewer Restrictions

If you inhabit a condo or apartment that prohibits grilling using charcoal or gas, the use of an electric grill is your only viable option to enjoy sumptuous grilled food. It is also safe to use. Since the electric grill doesn’t use a flame, your grilling is not prone to accidents or injuries due to wayward flame. Moreover, you end up with a cleaner and more habitable environment because your grilling will not produce much carbon dioxide and carcinogens.

Disadvantages of Using Electric Grill

Difficult to Heat

It will be a challenge to get the electric grill to achieve enough heat. The design of the electric grill will determine the amount of heat it can reach. So, if you will buy an electric grill, go for those with better designs. 

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Heating Up Can Also Take Time 

With the gas-powered grills, the heating-up process doesn’t take much time. So, once you shift to the electric grill, the slow heating-up process can be very frustrating to you. 

You Can’t Expect an Authentic Grilled Flavor

As mentioned above, charcoal and gas use smoke and flame and deliver a smoky flavor and aroma to the food you are cooking. So, if you shift to the electric grill, you will surely miss this smoky flavor and aroma.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from knowing the abovementioned pros and cons of the use of the electric grills, you may find the following FAQs helpful when deciding whether to shift to electric or not, for these FAQs may also be the questions you have in mind:

Is Electric Grill Comparable to Gas?

The thing with the electric grill is that it is your healthiest option at hand. When you cook using it, you don’t produce the unhealthy carcinogens that are usually produced by gas fuels. If you prioritize your health, cooking using the electric grill will be so much appealing to you.

Does an Electric Grill Produce Smoke?

The electric grill doesn’t produce too much smoke as compared with the use of gas or charcoal. It doesn’t generate smoke or fumes. Thus, you can safely use it indoors. Its use is also more environmentally friendly. 

Is the Taste of Electric Barbecues Good?

You can’t cook huge racks of ribs using the electric grills. So, more often, you will be cooking small and compact pieces of BBQ. However, if you have a problem with space, the use of an electric grill will be a good option. Moreover, the taste of BBQ cooked in the electric grill may not have that smoky flavor and aroma. Yet, the taste would be good enough to let you eat with gusto.

Can You Use the Electric Grill on Your Balcony?

Well, you can use the electric grill on your balcony. If it is not permissible in your apartment or condo to use charcoal or gas-powered grills, you can always opt for electric grills. Since the electric grill does not produce flame or smoke, it is permissible to use it on your balcony. 

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Can the Use of Electric Grills Cause Cancer?

If you are worried that the use of electric grills may cause cancer, you better assuage your fear. The use of electric grills allows you to control the heat to prevent the charring of meat, thus preventing the onset of cancer-causing compounds. 

Which Electric Grill Brand Offers the Highest Possible Temperature?

There are many electric grill brands in the market today, and you can differentiate them according to their maximum temperature capability. Of course, some brands can afford you only a certain level of maximum temperature. But if you want an electric grill that gives you the highest temperature, you should check out Weber Grills. These grills come with heat retention liners made of aluminum. Thus, these grills can achieve higher temperatures sans overheating. Moreover, they could maintain this high temperature.


The electric grill comes with an electric heating element. Thus, it doesn’t use briquettes nor coal for cooking food. The electric grills, as mentioned above, had come a long way since their introduction. They have become easy to use and offer easy cleanup. With the ease of use and the clean use offered by electric grills, many homeowners have begun to switch to electric grills. 

However, the main impetus that could drive homeowners to shift to electric grills is their support for clean energy. Electricity is clean energy if it comes from wind, hydro, or solar, you can assure yourself that its production comes from clean energy. As such, if you are an advocate of clean energy, you will find an electric grill a good option.

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