Guide on Cooking Fish on a Griddle 

Chef cooks fish on a commercial griddle set.

Nobody can deny that fish is a mouth-watering pleasure. Indeed, nothing like a hearty meal of fish and chips to brighten any day. Along with being tasty, fish is also very healthful due to its high protein content. Additionally, fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to improve the condition of … Read more

Can You Use a Griddle on an Electric Stove? 

Chef use griddle to cook on an electric stove.

A griddle is an essential cooking item for every kitchen. It can be classified into two types, either electric or stoves. Both kinds of it serve the same purpose and have few distinguishing characteristics.  While an electric griddle may seem more convenient, there are benefits to using a stovetop griddle. A stovetop griddle is pretty … Read more

How to Protect Glass Top Stove From Cast Iron

Cooking steak on the glass top stove with cast iron pan.

Cooking using a glass top stove is a fabulous kitchen staple, but it may be challenging to handle when using cast iron cookware. As we all know, glass easily cracks and breaks when heated or under pressure and scratches much more quickly than polishes. So, it is not highly durable. Putting a cast-iron pan on … Read more

What Is a Griddle Pan?

Griddle Pan

Do you have a craving for a chargrilled steak with a smokey flavor? If you own a griddle pan, it is a lot easier to fulfill your food cravings. This pan is ideal for grilling food since it caramelizes the sugars and fluids on the bottom while adding flavor to whatever you are cooking. Whereas … Read more

Best Oils for Griddle Cooking & Flat Top Grill

Use cooking oil for griddle steak.

It is so much simpler to cook when you have a griddle at home. You may prepare everything from breakfast to supper, including bacon and eggs. However, to keep your griddle from getting rusty or sticky, you must season it regularly and take care of it properly. What are the finest oils for seasoning griddle? … Read more

What is a Griddle Used For?

Cooking with griddle in the backyard.

Whenever you hear the term griddle, your mind may immediately conjure an image of a diner’s flat-top where the chef is busily preparing breakfast foods like eggs, pancakes, and bacon. On the other hand, it may be useful cookware in the home kitchen as well. Grills come in a wide range of styles and setups, … Read more