How to Clean Rusty Cast-Iron Grill Grates

Rusted cast iron grill gates on the bbq grill station.

When it comes to purchasing cast-iron grill grates, there are numerous benefits to doing so. Buying a cast-iron grill is one of the finest investments you can make, along with its long-lasting quality. To keep them in good condition for long-term use, you should clean and maintain them every time you use them.  With regular … Read more

How to Use a Grill Pan for Vegetables?

Grilling vegetables in the grill pan.

Cooking veggies over a grill is a straightforward and healthy process of cooking a healthy meal. Cooking in a grilling pan does not need much oil, and water-soluble vitamins contents don’t drip off as steaming does.  A grill pan might be a good backup in the kitchen in certain situations. It is known as hefty … Read more

How to Grill Vegetables Without a Grill?

Summertime is grilling season, and you do not need meat and vegetable is enough to have deliciously grilled meals. However, what if you are one of those folks who does not have access to an outside grill? People’s barbecues and cookouts were a common topic of conversation as we grew up. Worst of all, we … Read more

How to Remove Rust From Stainless Steel Grill

Cleaning rust build-ups on the stainless steel grill.

Stainless steel grills are notorious for their corrosion resistance, and the buildup of rust on your grill is neither an ideal nor a mouth-watering eventuality. Nevertheless, if left outside or only cleaned occasionally, it will discolor. Due to its dreary and discolored appearance, many people think it has rust. It’s not like all barbeque grills … Read more

Are Electric Grills Any Good?

Use electric grill on to cook steak.

A friend of mine called in the other day asking me whether she should shift now to the use of an electric grill. Well, I told her that it depends on how she views grilling. If she is a grilling enthusiast, which, I think she is, she will miss the old-world style of grilling that … Read more

How to Make Electric Grill Taste Like Charcoal

Make Charcoal Like Taste With Electric Grill

How Can You Recreate That Smoky Charcoal Flavor Using an Electric Grill? If you compare the charcoal grill head-to-head with the electric grill, you will notice one obvious disadvantage of the electric grill—that it can’t replicate the smoky flavor and aroma of charcoal grilled meat. This is because the electric grill doesn’t emit smoke, nor … Read more

How to Grill Vegetables in a Basket

Basket for cooking vegetable on the grill

As a chef, I often get asked about how to grill vegetables. Well, my reply more frequently is too obvious an advice—It is pretty easy to grill vegetables. You only need to use a grill basket. Moreover, you only need to understand some tricks on doing it so as not to dry out or overcook … Read more

How to Make & Keep Charcoal Grill Hotter

Maintaining hot temperature on charcoal grill

Aside from having the correct dry rub and wood chips when grilling or smoking meat, it will also help to master how much time you would cook and how you can maintain the correct temperature of the grill throughout the cooking process. The former, of course, requires you to be mindful of time. The latter, … Read more