How Long Is Barbecue Sauce Good For?

Maintaining the freshness of BBQ sauce.

The expiration date of barbecue sauce is between one and two years. Furthermore, since most of its components are either long-lasting or include natural preservatives, it frequently keeps its freshness far beyond the expiration date on the label. Remember that the best-by dates on BBQ sauce are not the use-by date but rather the best-by … Read more

Best Wood for Smoking Turkey 

Choosing correct wood flavor for smoking turkey.

You can’t go wrong with smoking a whole turkey! Moreover, although most people associate smoked turkey with holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, the reality is that a tastefully smoked bird such turkey may be enjoyed and served any time of the year. Finding the suitable sort of wood chips to go with that huge … Read more

How Many Pounds of Pulled Pork Per Person?

Allocate and calculate the size of pulled pork that need to be served in the bbq party.

Several home cooks are put off by the prospect of preparing pulled pork for a large group because they believe it will be too much preparation to determine the exact amount of servings to be served. It takes a little more attention than hamburgers and hot dogs, but a quick calculation may remove the need … Read more

Pork Shoulder Vs. Pork Butt 

Comparing the differences between pork butt and pork shoulder.

Pork shoulder and pork butt are two parts of meat that are commonly mistaken, as well as misidentified. Many people are bewildered by the word “pork butt and pork shoulder. Furthermore, many individuals ask if it came from the tail end or shoulder of the pig!  Little did you know that pork shoulder and pork … Read more

How To Use Meat Injector?

Several things have evolved quite a little in recent years when it comes to grilling meat. Consumers increasingly rely on innovative cooking processes, such as using new marinades and equipment or tools for barbeques to prepare their food. Using meat injectors has revolutionized how people cook the meat on outdoor open-flame grilling. Since they enhance … Read more

Best Wood for Smoking Ribs

Smoked pork ribs

It is one of the most popular BBQ recipes, and smoked ribs are a staple. Nothing more delectable and flavorsome than a good slab of smoked ribs can satisfy your need for ribs. The most important thing to remember when you are in charge of the kitchen is to utilize the right sort of wood … Read more

Guide on Smoking Uncured & Fresh Sausage

Smoke the fresh and uncured sausages with pellet smoker.

Sausage’s distinctive taste no other cuisine can match. The flip side is that it might be more expensive than you would expect when purchasing from a storefront. It is due to the fact that it involves a great deal of time, work, and expert seasonings to achieve that delectable and mouth-watering taste. Nevertheless, you could … Read more

How to Smoke Cheese on a Pellet Smoker 

Use pellet smoker to smoke cheese.

Cheese that has been smoked is delicious and may be served as a treat, desserts, or any food staple. If you want to serve smoked cheese at your next dinner party or host gatherings with your best friends, you should consider purchasing a high-quality smoker. However, you can not simply choose whatever pellet smoker from … Read more

Types of Sausage Brands

Different popular types and brands of sausages.

The term “sausage” refers to a combination of ground meat, spices, and seasonings often prepared. You can also find unstuffed sausage products at supermarkets and butcher shops. They initially produced these sausages to get the most value for the price out of trimmings and cheaper pieces of meat. Cooked sausage products are preferable and most … Read more

How to Smoke Store-Bought Sausages

Buy branded sausages from store and smoke them again with smoker for better flavor.

Succulent sausages are among the favorite of several meat-eaters and their variety, distinctive taste variations, and hearty texture. Nowadays, smoky sausages are a common sight on the menus of many BBQ joints, and you can enjoy the same flavor at home by purchasing pre-made sausages. It is a brilliant option to smoke some store-bought pre-made … Read more