Should You Soak Wood Chips Before Smoking?

Soaking wood chips with water.

I was reading through a forum the other day, and the topic discussed in that forum was whether it is necessary to soak wood chips for smoking food. The discussion was lively, and some argued that soaking wood chips is essential, while others thought it isn’t. Some also contended that soaking wood chips would make … Read more

Best Wood for Smoking Salmon

Wood smoked salmon dishes

Salmon is one of the most popular fish for smoking, and it will indeed taste delicious if you smoke it properly using suitable wood chips. Salmon is also a name commonly used to refer to various species of fish. The trout, grayling, whitefish, and char are some of the fish in the salmon family. Yet, … Read more

Is BBQ Sauce Vegetarian?

Grilled Corn with Bbq Sauce

The BBQ sauce plays a crucial role in the taste and flavor of barbecue, and without it, the barbecue will never be that juicy and flavorful. As you slather the BBQ sauce over the meat, it combines with the BBQ flavor making the barbecue more delectable to eat. Thus, the way you prepare and your … Read more

Types of Barbecue Sauce

Different types and styles of barbecue sauces across the country.

The consumption of roasted and barbecued meats dated back to ancient times, and many ancient people, including royalties, enjoyed its savory and delicious taste. But you will seldom find old barbecue sauce recipes as well as early cookbooks, saved for some Ancient Roman cookbooks like the Apicius that contained 500 recipes.  At present, however, you will find … Read more

Who Invented Barbecue Sauce?

Old fashion BBQ Sauce.

When Was the Barbecue Sauce Invented and Who Invented It? The ancient chefs and cooks had long before learned that they could enhance the taste of the meat by basting it with oils, wine, and vinegar. So, it is evident that the invention of sauce could be dated back to ancient times. It might even … Read more

How to Reheat BBQ Brisket?

Brisket on the table.

A close friend called me last Sunday asking me about what to do with his brisket BBQ leftovers from last night. Well, I told him he might as well reheat them. I also reminded him that he must reheat the brisket leftovers in the same way he had cooked them. Of course, he can’t just … Read more

How Many Pounds of Barbecue Per Person?

Prepare sufficient amount of bbq food.

When it comes to figuring out how much barbecue each of your guests can consume, it is not superfluous to say that it depends on how hungry your guests are. For example, if it’s already 2 pm and the usual lunchtime of your guests is 1 pm, I’m pretty sure your guests would be starving … Read more

How Long Does It Take to Barbecue Chicken?

Time duration for barbecue chicken.

The chicken meat is known to be flavorful and juicy, and if you are starving to death, the smell of a grilled chicken would surely make you salivate a bit. Yet, the chicken meat with its different parts is also one of the most challenging meats to grill to perfection. So, if it is your … Read more