How Many Pounds of Pulled Pork Per Person?

Allocate and calculate the size of pulled pork that need to be served in the bbq party.

Several home cooks are put off by the prospect of preparing pulled pork for a large group because they believe it will be too much preparation to determine the exact amount of servings to be served. It takes a little more attention than hamburgers and hot dogs, but a quick calculation may remove the need … Read more

Pork Shoulder Vs. Pork Butt 

Comparing the differences between pork butt and pork shoulder.

Pork shoulder and pork butt are two parts of meat that are commonly mistaken, as well as misidentified. Many people are bewildered by the word “pork butt and pork shoulder. Furthermore, many individuals ask if it came from the tail end or shoulder of the pig!  Little did you know that pork shoulder and pork … Read more