How Many Pounds of Pulled Pork Per Person?

Allocate and calculate the size of pulled pork that need to be served in the bbq party.

Several home cooks are put off by the prospect of preparing pulled pork for a large group because they believe it will be too much preparation to determine the exact amount of servings to be served. It takes a little more attention than hamburgers and hot dogs, but a quick calculation may remove the need for guessing. If you’re looking for information on how much pulled pork to serve each individual, you’ve come to the right spot!

How Many Pounds of Pulled Pork Should You Serve Per Person?

Essentially, two concepts must be considered when determining how much pulled pork each person should purchase. For starters, you should estimate 1/3 pound of cooked pulled pork per person as a general rule of thumb when cooking pulled pork recipes. As a result, typically, one pound of pulled pork may provide enough food for three persons. How hungry your visitors are, whether you have children, and what you’re cooking with the pulled pork may all affect how many people you serve. According to our own experience, we recommend 1/3 pound of meat for each person.

It’s also important to remember that cooked meat weighs less than uncooked meat. Compared to raw pulled pork, the cooked version’s weight yields just approximately half as much as the raw version does. While the pork is being cooked, the hydration from the water or fluids drains out of it, resulting in the final product weighing substantially less than what the pork weighed when it was raw. In other words, if you smoke four pounds of pork shoulder, you may assume to get roughly two pounds of smoked pulled pork as a result of the process. When you keep both of these criteria in mind, the following is the method for determining how much pulled pork to serve each person:

 {(1/3) x (Number of Guests)} x 2 = The Quantity of Raw Pork You Need to Purchase.

Guide of How Much Pulled Pork Per Person For a Party Or Large Group

If you’re arranging a large-scale BBQ, picnics, or family gathering, it’s critical that you purchase the correct amount of food and drink for everyone. Having too little pulled pork may be a real pain in the neck. Make use of the pulled pork calculation provided to acquire the precise quantities you need for your recipe. Is there a recommended amount of pulled pork for each individual for the barbecue? Absolutely yes, keep reading to know more!

When serving ten people, how much-pulled pork should be served to each person?

In order to serve ten people with pulled pork, you will need 60 ounces (3.75 pounds) of the meat. If you want to serve ten people a barbeque or grilled pulled pork platter, you’ll require 48 ounces of pulled pork. However, before cooking, you should prepare 4.7 pounds of raw pork, which is enough for ten people.

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When serving 20 people, how much-pulled pork should be served to each person?

Around 7.5 pounds of pulled pork is required to feed a group of 20 people. The amount of pork needed to make a barbecue or grilled pork platter for 20 people is 8.5 pounds. Moreover, before cooking, 9.4 pounds of pork is required.

When serving 50 people, how much-pulled pork should be served to each person?

For a party of 50 people, 18.5 pounds of pulled pork is required. However, before cooking, 23.5 pounds of raw pork is enough for 50 people. Cooking for 50 guests means 20 pounds of BBQ or Grilled pulled pork on the bones!

When serving 100 people, how much-pulled pork should be served to each person?

To feed 100 people, you will need around 47 pounds of raw pork. To feed a crowd of people, you’ll need 37.5 pounds of pork. If you want to feed 100 people for a BBQ, you’ll need 40 pounds of bbq-pulled pork.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Pulled Pork

The calculations and concepts mentioned above are generally reliable. However, while doing the computations, there are a few considerations. It may be necessary to change the quantity of pulled pork for every person that you prepare from time to time to satisfy your diners’ preferences.


More food is consumed during a formal sit-down function than at an easygoing backyard get-together. You may want to consider reducing the serving sizes for the latter case. It is less likely that people will pay attention to the meal if they roam around in a lively setting.

Date and Time

If you’re likely to smoke a BBQ banquet and serve either lunch or supper, you should please specify. Most people eat less food at lunch than they do at dinner. Therefore, if you’re having lunch, you might want to cut the amount of grilled pulled pork you serve each person down to 1/4 pound rather than 1/3 or even less.

Types of Event

Even the place where your barbecue takes place has an impact! The answer to this question depends on whether you’re hosting a formal dinner or a casual get-together. People prefer to dine more and return if they can eat more during a sit-down diner since this is common.

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According to my observations, if your barbeque takes place in a more dynamic location, such as a pool party or tailgate, you may find that you have a reduced requirement for the quantity of food each individual. Being active encourages individuals to come down on the side of moderation regarding their food consumption.

Dish Arrangement

Do you serve it with pulled pork? Prepared pulled pork may be overkill if you’re serving other main course-style meals as a complement to the 1/3 pound recommended here. Reducing the quantity of each dish on the menu is a good idea when you’re providing many selections for your visitors to pick from.

Alternatively, suppose you present a fully laden BBQ platter that includes potatoes salad, sauerkraut, or baked beans. In that case, there’s no need to prepare a mountain of pulled pork for your visitors if you have a variety of great side dishes that will complement the pork.

Let’s Talk About the Kids

For the most part, children’s appetites are smaller than those of the adults in your party. Preparing and serving pulled pork should be 0.25 pounds for every child at most gatherings, although this depends on the age of the children.

Size of the Buns

There is no need to serve your sloppy joe with buns; however, consider how their size may alter your serving sizes. While regular hamburger buns may carry around 5 ounces (or one meal), using slider buns or bigger bulkie rolls may need you to change your estimates. You should also remember that the buns may satisfy the bellies full quicker. So, make sure that your guests don’t get full too quickly because they might not come back for more.

Age Groups

This recipe will leave you with plenty of food if your guest list contains many youngsters less than ten years old. It is recommended that you plan on a quarter-pound each kid in these conditions.

What Pork Cuts Is Perfect for Pulled Pork for a Large Group of People?

When it comes to creating pulled pork, the tastiest cut is the shoulder. When it comes to pulled pork, pork shoulder is the most typical cut of meat to use. It comprises the front leg and the shoulder region of the pig’s body, known as the pork shoulder. If you purchase a whole pork shoulder, it will be between 10 and 15 pounds in total weight. It is worth noting that bones are present in the pork shoulder, so you must account for it in your yield estimates. Additionally, there should be a sufficient amount of fat to produce a juicy pulled pork for your delicious meal or family evening meal!

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How to Store Leftover Pulled Pork?

After this, knowing how to preserve any food you have leftover properly is essential. If you want the taste of your pulled pork to last and be delicious the next day, make sure it’s stored properly. Choose airtight containers or even plastic freezer bags that can be sealed. If you have leftovers, make careful to pour the remaining juices from the pan into your container before storing them. Since the juices are essential for preserving moisture and effectively reheating your leftover BBQ, you must keep them with your pulled pork inside the container.

Once you’ve done that, store your containers in the freezer or refrigerator. You should consume chilled foods within two days after being refrigerated to guarantee they are healthy to serve. It is possible to store frozen pulled pork for a continuous period of time, but, in reality, it is only good for approximately three months. Freezer burn, a flavor-degrading condition, begins to set in after three months of storage in your frozen food.

Conclusion- Leftovers Aren’t A Bad Thing

You should always prepare a bit extra pulled pork than you think you’ll need each person if you ever have an uncertainty of how much to cook for a gathering. If you’re looking to save money, pork shoulder is the best option since it’s an exceedingly affordable piece of meat. Pork does double duty as a great lunch or dinner leftovers. Take your choice from any of the many delicious leftover options available, such as tacos, pizzas with BBQ sauce, or sliders with cucumbers and onions. In this article, you’ll find an in-depth tutorial on storing pulled pork properly. Visit our website for ideas, methods, and anything else you need to know about making the most of your BBQ meals.

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