How to Smoke Store-Bought Sausages

Buy branded sausages from store and smoke them again with smoker for better flavor.

Succulent sausages are among the favorite of several meat-eaters and their variety, distinctive taste variations, and hearty texture. Nowadays, smoky sausages are a common sight on the menus of many BBQ joints, and you can enjoy the same flavor at home by purchasing pre-made sausages. It is a brilliant option to smoke some store-bought pre-made sausages during holiday dinner together with family. If you are searching for tips on how to cook your store-bought sausages, you have landed at the right place!

In particular, with the coming of beautiful summer days and the beginning of lively outdoor BBQ gatherings, now is the perfect moment for the sausage to dazzle. Even though it is simple to prepare, barbecue sausage still has that distinct wood to use and a smoky taste. Continue reading this article to know more ideas from the finest woods to when and how to cook your favorite sausages!

Guide on Smoking Store-Bought Sausages

Ingredients For General Recipe

This preparation recipe for smoking store-bought pre-made sausages will serve as a general guide. It is conceivable that certain sausages need longer to smoke or high internal heat temperature than the standard recipes recommend.

You may purchase whatever sausages you like. Italian sausages, kielbasa Polish sausages, andouille sausages, Bratwurst German sausages, even summer sausages are just a few of the delicious options you may get.


1. Put the uncooked sausages on a smoker rack so that they are next to one another. Make sure there is enough room between the sausages so that they do not make contact. Preferably, it would be best if you spaced them 1.30 cm away.

2. Put a fire on the wood briquettes in the smoker. Hickory cooks best for all types of meats, so use them if you have them.

3. Take a breather and wait for the temperature to reach 250°F.

It would be best to cook sausages to an internal temperature of 71°C before being taken from the smoker and served. In most cases, smoking the links will require between one and four hours to cook. Your sausage will take longer or take shorter depending on its size and thickness. Check out the following for recommended cooking process timing according to the kind of sausage you choose.

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Another set of recommendations for smoking sausages is as follows:

  • Keep them flipped every 30 to 45 minutes to prevent them from burning
  • Alternatively, if you are pressed for time, you may boost the temperature of your smoker up to 300°F. Keep an eye on the internal temperature of the sausages since this is the most crucial factor in determining whenever the sausage is ready to cook.
  • Invest in a smoker thermometer to prevent having to cut up your sausages.
  • Consider using hickory, apple, or cherry as a smoke wood selection.
  • If you would like a more distinctive flavor, do not smoke the sausages in the same smoker as other meats or veggies.
  • After removing your sausages from the smoker, splash them in hot water or a beer bath to taste good and tender.

How To Arrange Sausages for Smoking?

Put the uncooked sausages on a smoker rack so that they are next to one another. Ensure there is enough room between the sausages so that they do not make contact, preferably two inches away. By doing so, it provides constant air circulation and smoke penetration throughout the cooking process. You may also use butcher twine to hang your links if you desire.

To make test sausages, you may place a few spare sausages that you can pierce with a fork or probe to see whether the temperature is perfect. By doing so, you will not have to keep poking many sausages and allowing the juices to dry away.

What is the Best Smoking Temperature and Time?

The amount of time you spend smoking your sausages will be determined by your purchase variety and thickness. It will take around three hours to smoke Italian sausages to a satisfactory level. Sausages made from Turkey or Chicken, on the other hand, require less time. Generally speaking, it will need either one and a half to three hours for any sausages. Remember to toss them every 45 minutes or so, at the absolute least!

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Ideally, the temperature for smoking sausage should be somewhere around 200 and 250 °F. You may smoke it for up to three hours if you stay within this time frame limit. That is why the typical 225°F temperature for most smoked meats is what I set for this reason alone. Increasing the temperature to 300 °F can speed up the smoking process. The key is to continue monitoring the internal temperature of the sausage during the cooking process.

The most crucial thing to remember is that the internal temperature must be kept constant at all times. Try investing in a smoker thermometer to check the progression of your sausage, which will eliminate the necessity to cut it open throughout the cooking process.

Tips for a Successful Finish

Please take all the sausages from the smoker and eat or store them as desired. When the sausages have reached a temperature of 165°F, they are ready to be served. A few minutes at room temperature is perfect, but they are best served fresh out of the smoker while still juicy and bursting with flavor.

They will get shriveled and lose their crispiness if you rest them for an excessive amount of time. Pouring cold water over it will halt the cooking process and lower its temperature, which you need to avoid this instances. As a result, the casings are prevented from warping or wrinkling.

In addition, sausages may be frozen for future use. You may keep them in the refrigerator for up to three days without losing their smoky taste. If you wait much longer, you will want to put them in the freezer. Sausages that have been frozen can keep lasting up to four months before they begin to lose their flavor and texture.

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Meanwhile, fermented or cured sausages that have been cold smoke do not need refrigeration if they are correctly prepared and in a regulated atmosphere. However, you should consume it within three days after being unwrapped to provide the most incredible possible flavor and texture.

What is the Best Pre-Purchased Sausage for Smoking?

We have wonderful news for you, pork enthusiasts. Smoking is a versatile method that you may use with almost any sort of sausage. Butchers all around the globe are continuing to produce new kinds of sausages by trying with various meat species and seasonings to pack into casings. In today’s market, several of the tastiest sausages to smoke are:

  • Chorizo
  • Boerewors Sausages
  • Weisswurst Sausages
  • Bratwurst Sausages
  • Italian Sausages
  • Boudin blanc Sausages
  • Kishka Sausages

Choose uncooked meat if you want the tastiest outcomes. Hot dogs and kielbasa are superb alternatives and may even be enhanced by a bit of coating of smoky glaze applied to them.


You now learn any valuable advice about smoking several store-bought sausages. It comprises the cooking time, ideal temperature for the smoker, and the internal temperature of the sausage to determine whether it has been properly and perfectly smoked.

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