How to Use a Grill Pan on Stove Top

Cooking with grill pan on the gas stove top.

It is enjoyable to barbecue outside, but it is best to forgo this activity when there is insufficient space. Fortunately, there are grill pans that you may use to enjoy a great barbecue experience without having to set up a permanent outside grilling area.

For those times whenever the weather is terrible, or you’re too sluggish to drag out the barbecue, indoor grilling is a must-have. We know that grilling is a significant undertaking that will demand a lot of time and energy. For the most part, you may not need a sufficient outside area to engage in any grilling activities, and this is where the indoor grill pan comes into play.

A grill pan may be used on the stovetop as another alternative. Some people are unsure how to use a grill pan on a stovetop, which is understandable. Keep reading this article, and it is easy to follow, so don’t miss out!

Steps on How to Use Grill Pan on a Stove Top Correctly

Step 1: Preparation of the Food

You should chop the meat into 1/2 inch thick pieces while preparing it for the barbecue to cook evenly and not burn on the grill. Check to see that the raw food is evenly spread around the pan. Using a grill pan on the stovetop is the first factor you should consider when learning how to handle it.

Step 2: Bring It to the Right Temperature

Before placing any food on the grill pan, properly preheating the pan assists in maintaining a consistent heat temperature without having hot spots, preventing uneven grilling and charring. And, please make sure your stovetop grill pan is preheated for around five minutes on a medium-high burner on your stovetop before starting cooking. You may try it out by drizzling a few droplets of water over the hot grill and seeing what happens. It means the grill is hot enough if they vaporize immediately. Whenever the pan begins to smoke, it indicates that it is too overheated.

Step 3: Applying Oil

When you’re cooking with vegetables, you’ll want to use a little oil to prevent them from sticking together. Meats like pork, poultry, and fish don’t need additional oil since their own natural oils will be extracted during the cooking process. Avoid smoky smoke at high heat temperatures, do not spray the grill pan with oil before cooking.

You can prevent your foods from adhering to your grill pan by sprinkling some cooking spray over them. Pouring oil over the grill pan may allow it to puddle in the grooves, so avoid doing so. As an alternative, dab a paper towel in your preferred cooking oil and delicately rub it out over the hot grill pan’s surface. Alternatively, you may add the oil directly to the food if you desire. Use your preferred cooking oil to coat the foods before grilling. After applying the oil, you may also add some salt, peppers, or other spices.

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Step 4: Start the Grilling Process

Lay the meat on the grill at a 45 ° angle to get the best lines. Turn the meal at a 90 ° angle if you choose to get square grill lines on it. When required, turn the foods over. If you use a grill pan, you’ll don’t have to bother about your meat slipping down. A grill pan is the most fantastic cookware for cooking food with a consistent thickness. You may season and prepare your meats in the same way you would for a standard grilling experience. 

Toss the meat immediately on the pan after it’s all heated up. By putting a metal bowl in an upside-down position on top of the meat, you may speed up the cooking process and prevent the food from burning. With the bowl, you may get a similar result to having a cover on your grill; it keeps the heat in and allows you to cook more quickly. It’s advantageous for heavier foods that take a long time to cook completely.

Turn the meal over to ensure that it is cooked on all sides. To get the appearance of a crisscross grill line, turn the meat 90 ° on the same side before tossing. This cooking method is quite similar to that of utilizing a standard grill. Make sure your meal is done using a meat thermometer to monitor its internal temperatures. What you’re preparing and how thick your dish is determined how long it will take to cook it.

Additional Recommendations

If you want to learn how to prepare your meal using a grill pan, we have some recommendations for you.

  • It is necessary to place your meat on the grill pan very gently and carefully once heated to a high temperature. It is possible to use various grilling equipment for your cooking need.
  • You must ensure that your pan is completely covered with a lid while cooking. To ensure that your meal is prepared to perfection and is also flavorful.
  • Do not move food around while it’s heating up for one minute, and this is the most crucial step to follow. Afterward, y You can move around the food after a minute
  • The foods must be rotated and flipped every one or two minutes, depending on how long you cook them. Using this method, you may prevent your meal from being too overcooked. By doing this, nothing will get attached to the pan, primarily if you use a nonstick pan.
  • Taking a temperature reading before removing food from the pan is a crucial step you must not forget in cooking. If you’re preparing to grill the meat, then this is an absolute must-do. Please make sure that you are carrying it out using a meat thermometer.
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Benefits of Using a Grill Pan

Indoor Cooking

A grill pan is helpful cookware on hand when cooking inside the house. It does not need a separate area for grilling or using it outside. As a result, you can love grilling your steaks inside the house rather than having to go outdoors.


Grill pans do, in fact, make nutritious meals. Ultimately, it removes the fats and oils from animal-based foods, which is a blessed relief. You may consume delectable foods while cooking them on a grill pan while reducing your health-related concerns.

Grill Markings on the Food

You may achieve the grill markings found in cookbooks and fine dining establishments at home. Steaks with visible grill marks have an unmistakably unique taste and are a must-have for any steakhouse. Foods that have markings and tastes great are a win-win situation for everyone. You’ve probably wondered how those grilled steaks with blackened dents are formed. Unless you master how to utilize a grill pan on the stovetop, this isn’t the case at all!

Reduces the amount of Time Spent Cooking

Using a grill pan allows you to prepare more food in less time and with less effort. It is common for grill pans to have a big capacity, and they may be round or square in form. Cooking in bulk is made possible by its design, which also eliminates the risk of sauces and fluids mixing.

Juice & Oil Collection

When using a grill pan, fats and natural oils can easily fall off. This makes it easy to get the juices from the food so you can make sauces out of them, too. The sauces that have accumulated produce delectable gravies for meats and seafood.

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How to Select a Stove Top Grill Pan?

The following are some suggestions to help you pick the best grill pan for your demands:

Pan with Raised Ridges 

It is recommended that you use a grill pan with high ridges. Why? This style of grill pan functions superior to the ordinary grill pan with short and moderate ridges.

Cast-Iron Pan 

Cast iron pans are preferable to nonstick pans when it comes to cooking. The reason for this is this pan will sear the foods considerably more satisfactorily than some other types of pans. When compared to nonstick pans, cast iron pans are harder to clean. In contrast, cast iron grill pans produce better-tasting dishes. Cast iron grill pans are not recommended for use on ceramic stovetops.

Pan with a Square-Shaped 

Opt for an ovenproof grill pan with a square shape. When compared to circular grill pans, this design will provide more capacity.

Choosing a Pan with a Matching Press

Selecting a pan that matches a press is an option. It will leave grill marks on your food if you choose to use it. If you do that, your grilled foods will have an appetizing appearance.

Using a Pan with a Lid

Pick a good grill pan with a lid if you really want your steaks to look and taste as if they were grilled outdoor.


Grilling meals inside the house isn’t a bad idea. When it comes to gathering with family and friends, a grill pan is a must-have kitchen tool. It is a sort of amusement that yields the most remarkable outcomes without any need to leave your house when it comes to cooking. To get the most out of your grill pan on the stovetop, take the time to understand how to use it properly and efficiently. You can grill anywhere and anytime with a grill pan, making it the ideal-convenient cooking equipment.

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