Types of Sausage Brands

Different popular types and brands of sausages.

The term “sausage” refers to a combination of ground meat, spices, and seasonings often prepared. You can also find unstuffed sausage products at supermarkets and butcher shops. They initially produced these sausages to get the most value for the price out of trimmings and cheaper pieces of meat. Cooked sausage products are preferable and most chosen meat products since they are “ready-to-eat” and easy to eat in the shape of sandwiches.

If you live in the United States, you’ll have access to over a thousand different sausage brands. In this article, we discuss the different types of popular sausages brands. Please accept our apologies if we did not include your preferred brand on this list. We decided to stick to the store staples and remove anything you will not cook on the grill, such as breakfast and ground sausages.

Different Types of Sausage Brands

1) Applegate Organics

For starters, we’ll go through to the Applegate Organics brand of chicken sausages since it is accessible and available in several locations across the United States. Applegate is devoted to being non-GMO, sourcing antibiotic-free meats, and refraining from using artificial ingredients. This brand provides various protein sources in their products and options, from deli meats, corn dogs to Italian sausages and more. 

When compared to other brands in terms of flavor, several consumers found that Applegate chicken sausages were deficient in taste owing to the lack of spices. However, consumers praised them for their performance in the category of breakfast chicken sausage. If you’re a fan of breakfast burritos or omelets, this is the ideal brand of chicken sausage to have on hand in the morning.

2) Silva

When we tasted Silva’s sausage, we thought it tasted a lot like the Open Nature sausage we had tried before. However, we preferred the original since it was a touch more jalapeno-forward and a little creamier. Aside from the fact that it is a pork sausage, we will have to verify its authenticity since it did not feel as heavy as most pork sausages have.

This sausage is also renowned for being prepared from antibiotic-free pork and has low nitrate contents. Jalapeño peppers, pork, and pepper jack cheese are the three most essential elements of a jalapeno-cheese sausage.

3) Aidells

One of Aidells’ most popular products is the Delicious Italian Chicken Sausage with Mozzarella Cheese. In comparison to the other Italian sausages we had, this one was by far the best. Aidells Italian sausage does not have the same depth of flavor as a typical Italian sausage, which is understandable. The second ingredient is mozzarella cheese, which is used in the preparation of the sausage. Even though mozzarella is a traditional ingredient in Italian sausage, it is not always found in this form.

And, although this sausage was herbaceous, we were unable to smell any fennel. Indeed, fennel is not included on the ingredient list at all (though it could be buried in the general “spices” ingredient that appears to be present over all sausages). However, there are plenty of other herbs, such as basil and parsley, as well as roasted garlic. As a result, while this had a distinctly Italian flavor, it was far from a typical Italian sausage. But despite this, we were pleased with its taste, texture, and list of ingredients because it wasn’t too oily and was not overly complicated.

4) GreenWise  

GreenWise offers products made of natural, non-artificial ingredients and without antibiotics and is also a Publix brand. In other words, the meat used to make GreenWise chicken sausage is devoid of antibiotics, lightly processed and never frozen. However, it only comes in three varieties, all of which are inspired by Italian sausage.

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Due to the freshness of the sausages, you can add them to your soups or formed into your delicious meatballs or patty. When utilizing it as a substitute for ground beef in Italian cooking, the options are nearly limitless.

Knowing which of the best-selling chicken sausage brands to buy gives you peace of mind when it comes to preparing your daily protein intake. 

Many recipes can benefit from the use of chicken sausage, which is high in protein and flavorful.

5) Johnsonville 

You can think of them as miniature hot dogs with a shape similar to hot dogs. Even the packaging indeed gives the impression that you’re going to consume a hot dog since it contains a graphic of a Beddar with Cheddar sausage served on top of a hotdog bun with mustard and onions.

This “Beddar with Cheddar” sausage is a tad unimaginative, and not only because it’s frustrating when brands mislabel names out of some strange need to make people believe their marketing staff is creative. When putting cheese with sausage, wouldn’t you prefer something a little more flavorful than cheddar?

It was a pleasant surprise to discover these sausages. Let’s keep in mind that cheddar has been the most prominent dairy globally since it’s delicious and can be used in various dishes, so that these sausages will be no exception. There’s just enough cheese in the sausages to give them a smooth, creamy, and wonderful mozzarella flavor, but they weren’t overpoweringly cheesy or too oily. Even though they weren’t huge, they were delicious when they came off the barbeque and looked so appetizing on the platter that it seemed like a sin not to eat more than one.

6) Dibrova 

The Dibrova’s Cajun Style Chicken Sausage is not enough Cajun to be andouille, but too Cajun to be a hotlink. As it turned out, the particular flavor and texture of this chicken sausage stand out from the rest. It wasn’t too oily, and it didn’t have an overpowering taste of herbs, as some chicken sausages have. 

If you’re a fan of gumbo or red beans and rice, this is a must-have ingredient to add to your meal. Apart from the fact that the Dibrova sausage did not contain any strange or mysterious ingredients, we found it a good choice for a sausage. 

There are some concerning ingredients in some sausages, so if you haven’t looked at them before, now might be the time to do so.

Reading Dibrova’s label was like taking a breath of fresh air, following a bunch of corn syrup, sodium phosphates, nitrates, and soy. In short, this sausage is made of chicken and seasonings placed into pork casings. Despite what it is, it nevertheless outperforms anything made of collagen.

7) Evergood 

The Evergood Louisiana Brand Hot Link Sausage piqued our interest because the term “hot” was on the label, and there’s a graphic of some chili peppers on the container. We were prepared for a scorching experience. However, we could not detect any heat. Alternatively, spicy. 

Upon closer inspection, this sausage appears to contain nothing particularly hot or spicy unless stated in the nutrition label under the heading “spices.” Aside from that, Evergood, what is the significance of your label’s “Louisiana Brand” but “manufactured in California” statement? It’s just a bizarre thing to read, to be honest.

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Nevertheless, although it was a complete letdown regarding what we were expecting to be getting, this all-beef sausage was quite tasty. While it was delicious served cold at midnight on New Year’s Eve with some water crackers and a port cheese ball, it reminded me more of the type of sausage you’d eat in the summer. It was also really fatty and rich, which didn’t go well with the summer sausage theme.

8) Tyson 

A close replica of the Italian pork sausages is Mild Italian Chicken Sausage from Tyson brand, available in the supermarket’s fresh meat section. Tyson was significantly less oily than other pork sausages, which was a benefit. Furthermore, reserving its extra fats sacrificed some of the rich, deep taste you would anticipate when cooking these classic pork sausages. If you compare it to Italian pork sausage, it can only go so far in the “meatiness” category. Several chicken sausages compensate for this lack of flavor with a spicy flavor profile. However, Tyson failed miserably in this endeavor.

According to Chowhound, Italian sausages are famed for their fennel flavor, and we believe several pork products go a bit far with the fennel flavor. If you can taste the fennel in Tyson’s sausage, you can also taste the other ingredients. The remainder of the tastes were a little lackluster, but the lack of fennel was a pleasant change. However, Tyson is more known for its chicken nuggets than its sausages, which were maybe concerns before establishing or designing the company. You may also find this sausage in the frozen area in supermarkets, and it is also possible that they put up little due to being kept on ice for an extended period.

9) Hillshire Farm 

An authentic kielbasa should not taste like a mass-produced smoked sausage from the grocery store. Still, there was a fair amount of similarity. It was overcooked and tasted like a hot dog; it was also quite salty and fatty. It also costs far more than the sausage from Signature Select brand, and it’s not entirely apparent what the extra penny gets you in terms of value for your budget.

Even though this kind of sausage is created with turkey, pork, and beef, it lacks any distinctive flavor from the turkey. The normal sausage nitrates are also present in corn syrup, soy, and MSG, among other additives. However, what exactly are we talking about here? Soy? Assuming that sausages are created from the least expensive pieces of beef, what is the point of stuffing it with soy protein?

You could get away with chopping up this sausage, sautéing it along with veggies such as bell peppers, then serving it over spaghetti with tomato sauces. Still, it is not the type of food that tastes wonderful immediately after grilling.

10) Boar’s Head 

Imagine you’re in a pub somewhere out in the west countryside. One of those names that give the impression that you are devouring something culinary, or at the very least delectable, is “The Boar’s Head.” With its product Uncured Beef Knockwurst, the Boar’s Head brand is one of the most premium sausages we tried. With its hefty price tag, you get the impression that you are devouring something exceptional and exquisite when you bite into their sausage!

At this point, we’re beginning to wonder if a different variety of Boar’s Head might have merited a higher ranking. Also available are chicken sausages flavored with such fruit as Honeycrisp apple and Blazing Buffalo sauce. These are just a few of the fascinating options. Perhaps we were swayed by the charming logo and the name of the English pub to adore this sausage even more than we were already.

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It was, of course, really meaty, which is what you’d expect from a sausage made of beef. However, we are mystified why Boar’s Head refers to this as a “knockwurst,” which is made of veal and pork. There are indeed beef knockwursts; but, the Boar’s Head sausages are also claimed to be particularly garlicky, yet we couldn’t find any garlic on its label, far less give it a try to taste it. Even though it has a sophisticated name and an expensive price tag, these sausages are nothing special.

11) Zoe’s  

If you’re looking for anything in the mid-range, Italian Red Pepper & Fennel Chicken Sausage from Zoe’s brand is for you. However, it isn’t terrible, either; it’s just not fantastic either. On the package, the great boast is that it is “the beauty of the flesh.” It is organic chicken sausage. Regardless of whether or not this is artwork, it appears to be something you’d find on the sidewall of a cafe than something that would be displayed in the Museum.

Fennel was the only flavor that genuinely stood out, a bonus point for resembling Italian sausages in terms of flavor and texture. Unfortunately, it was lacking in fat and was a tad too dry for the taste. We initially feared we’d overcooked it because these sausages are thin compared to the others on the grill. Others were virtual as shin and didn’t appear to be dry. Thus, it seems to be more of Zoe’s concern than a problem with the rest of the brands out there.

The most significant flaw in these sausages is that, although it says “red pepper” directly in the description, it doesn’t taste like actual red pepper. If there was, it couldn’t have competed with the fennel that was in there someplace. Still, we found Zoe’s to be an excellent grilling option, but definitely best used in making lasagna rather than eaten right away.


Each country has its own history of making sausages, which is classic meat given a fresh take. You may find a great deal of variety and somewhat distinct kinds of sausages even within a particular country. 

You have already read about a couple of sausages in this article, so we assume you are familiar with some of them and are looking forward to the day when you may prepare them for your family at home. 

If not, if you encounter these varieties of sausages available at your local grocery shop, you already know the name. So, don’t hesitate to buy one and give it a try!

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