Guide on Smoking Sausage in Electric Smoker

Smoke sausage using electric pellet smoker.

If you are using an electric smoker, it requires a good deal of time to produce tastefully smoky sausages. Nevertheless, it is not an insurmountable challenge! When perfectly cooked, delicately smoky sausages can provide you with some of the most delectable, smoky flavors that are well worth the time it takes to prepare it!

You can not go wrong with smoking sausage on your smoker; it is the most straightforward method. Succulent and savory, smoked sausage filled with rich smokey aromas. Simply toss the sausages in the smoker for around three hours, and you are done with the cooking. These are the two most important considerations when choosing which sausages to smoke and which sort of wood to fire. If you have extra smoked sausage, keep it in the fridge so you may use it in a variety of dishes for the whole week.

How To Smoke Sausage in an Electric Smoker: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Kielbasa should be perfectly cooked whenever they are removed from the smoker, provided that the internal temperature reaches the requisite safe temperature of 160F from within. However, we encourage that you continue to be patient and give them some more time to bloom fully before cooking them. Blooming is the process of hanging and allowing them to mellow and darken after being submerged in cold water. Afterward, you may enjoy your chilled or reheated smoky sausage in the fryer, smoker, or barbecue.

Step 1: Preheat the Electric Smoker

Start the electric smoker and set the temperature to 130°F. Even though you do not have to put your sausages at this time, putting them in a warmed barrel with the drafter open is an excellent method to quickly dry its casings if they were just made and prepared.

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Step 2: Lay the Sausages on the Smoker Racks

Using at least two inches of space between each sausage on the grates, start your smoker after it has heated up and your sausages are fully dry. Make sure to pull out your meat thermometer to check whether the sausages have achieved a temperature of 160°F or thereabouts. You should thoroughly cook sausages in roughly 30 minutes if they are cooked in a 275°F smoker.

Step 3: Toss the Sausages Over and Fill Some Wood.

This step is optional, although it may result in more equal grill marks if done halfway through smoking. If you choose wood chips that burn fast, you may boost the number of wood chips you use here to provide a perfectly even smoky taste.

Step 4: Take the Sausages Out of the Smoker

It would be best if you pulled out the sausages from the smoker after it had reached 165°F. If you are making cold-smoked sausages, you must ensure that the internal temperature exceeds at least 160°F in order for them to cook perfectly and kill any pathogens.

Step 5: Serve or Keep The Smoked Sausage in The Refrigerator.

After reaching 160°F, take the sausages from the electric smoker, take it out and allow it to rest for a few minutes before serving. Alternatively, you may eat them while they are still warm and enjoy the experience. They must be submerged in an ice bucket for storage purposes to prevent their outermost layers from becoming shriveled and disintegrating. As soon as you take them from the smoker, turn them over to ensure they do not thoroughly cook internally and dry out.

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The Tastiest Sausages You Can Make With a Smoker

It goes without saying that you must first determine which sausages to smoke before you begin cooking. Each person’s palate will have different preferences, so it all comes down to what you want to eat. A compilation of the tastiest sausages that you may smoke at any time of year or for any occasion is shown below.

Chorizo (Mexican sausage)

Spices, chilies, and cloves of garlic are commonly used in the seasoning of the Mexican Chorizo, which has a delicious taste.

Kielbasa (Polish)

To put it another way, the most accurate descriptions of Kielbasa are sweetest, mellow, and smokey sausages that make sausages more flavorful.

Andouille (also known as Cajun Sausage)

Andouille is one of the key ingredients in jambalaya and gumbo and its fiery, smokey, and garlicky flavor.


Whether you are in the mood for smoky spicy or sweet sausages, Italian sausages have a flavor for you.

Bratwurst (German)

Bratwurst, which is mildly flavored with salt and ginger, is available in more than a dozen variations.

What Kind of Wood Should I Use To Smoke Sausage?

Aside from the sausage you choose, other factors influence the taste profile you desire. To properly smoke, you must also select the perfect wood chips. Ultimately, the kind of wood you like to use for smoking your sausages may have a significant impact on how they taste. Consider the following varieties of wood for smoking, as well as the tastes associated with each type:

Strong: Hickory, oaks, mesquite, acacia, and walnut are among the woods used.

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Mild: Alder, Ash, maple, birch, and maple are examples of woods for a mild taste.

Fruity: Peach, cherry, apricot, apple, plum, and pear are some of the woods available.

A well-deserved reputation as the “King of Smoking Woods” rests on the shoulders of the hickory woods. However, it is not the only ideal substitute, and it is especially well-suited to match smoking pork sausages. Hickory contributes to the complexity and potency of the tastes in Kielbasa. It provides a nearly overwhelming flavor profile, and it tastes luxurious without being overpowering.

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